New patient referrals to our clients: 733,866 Referrals as of 04/20/2018

Delivering Successful Clinical and Career Strategies

The Academy of Chiropractic is dedicated to bringing chiropractic to the forefront of Primary Spine Care, which means being the first referral for everything spine outside of fracture, tumor or infection. We have put aside politics and philosophy and have utilized both chiropractic and medical academia in conjunction with research to concurrently further each doctor's practice and the chiropractic profession allowing every chiropractor to practice as they chose within their lawful scope. 

Our programs has gotten 615,700 direct referrals in 47 states from lawyers, primary care medical providers, medical specialists, urgent care centers and hospitals/emergency rooms because our doctors are both trained and positioned as spine specialists. In short, we are their immediate and long-term solution. Every licensed chiropractor is qualified to join us. 

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1. Doctors Personal Injury Program

Lawyers, Medical Specialists and ER Rooms are the focus of this program. This is the only personal injury and general practice program of its kind where we show you how to use your clinical excellence to get your referral sources to run after you. 
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2. MD Referral Program

Medical Primary Providers, Medical Specialists and Emergency Rooms are the focus of this program. This is the only program of its kind to use medical academia to help train MD's on why chiropractic is the first option for spine and then utilize your clinical excellence in peer-to-peer relationships.
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3. Fellowship Portal

This is the official portal for the Fellowship in Spinal Biomechanics and Trauma. 

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4. EMR Macros

This program provides over 500 evidenced and reimbursement based macros engineered to work with any EMR program. It provides the evidence required for both compliance and reimbursement and has been vetted by over 1000 doctors nationally.
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5. Post-Doctoral Programs

Our Post-Doctoral Programs bring you the most credentialed instructors from chiropractic, medicine, engineering and other specialties that provide a rich array of topics. Our courses are engineered to be both educational and entertaining to ensure a positive learning environment. 
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6. Forms / Templates

These forms and templates have been engineered to provide you both the basic and specialty forms to cover most areas of practice. They have been vetted by expert doctors and lawyers. 
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